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Steps on the Path of True Knowledge

Not everything is as it seems to the human eye. For example, many a questionable teacher will say that you can only become enlightened if you become their disciple and become one with them. Usually, these questionable teachers are also asking for money for their seminars or their three day “spiritual retreats”.

The body is only a shell for one particular phase of life. Once this is realised, the body is less important than the soul – for the body is only going to one place – the grave, but the soul has choices and the results are eternal.

There is no realisation without true knowledge. One does not gain a lifetime of knowledge in the span of one night or even one month. Questionable are those who claim the title of guru and who misguide their devotees with false knowledge leading to an eternity of darkness. True knowledge is gained gradually, in meditation, in ones day to day life, in interaction with others, over an entire lifetime. It can not be gained in this lifetime. Learn a little now, become awake and you will be taught true knowledge which leads to full enlightenment in the hereafter, after the soul has shed the body of flesh.

The observant practice of the Five Diamonds of Perfection can assist a person to become awakened, bringing one’s soul closer to the path of full enlightenment.

If you keep yourself on this path and continue in these auspicious practices, you will become awakened and be prepared for full enlightenment. This is something that Vishnu promises to each of you who take these practices to heart and observe them in your daily lives, neglecting not a single one of them. These are the steps on the path of true knowledge and full liberation.

May you be blessed.


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